What's New in 2016?

What's New in 2016?

2016 is what I call the year for "making things"... All the cool things- all the cool horsey things! 

The year started off with a couple of exciting developments, my local Comstock Arabian Horse Association asked me to create some awards for them, so I designed and sculpted a couple of horse heads for them, that could be sold as magnets and pins, or used in awards or trophies. 

Here is one of the sculpts I used for creating a mold.

Arabian Horse sculpture

This is what it would look like after being cast using the cold cast bronze process, which is when resin is mixed with bronze powder!

Arabian horse cold cast bronze sculpture

Another exciting development was the commission and shipping of the trophies for The Arabian Jackpot show in Western Australia, a brave woman named Katherine Scott, saw that there was lacking a high class show in her neck of the woods, and sought to create something, Studio 10-27 was thrilled when we were approached to do an exclusive design for her! Here are the finished castings, in simulated faux bronze and pewter finishes.

Arabian Horse Sculpture

We're anxiously awaiting to see the photos from the winner's circle, keep an eye out for those!

Other news, we also started this great new ecommerce site on Shopify, and plan on releasing a new line of jewelry and sculpture in 2016!

Thanks for checking us out~ check back again soon!

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