Newest Sculpture

Newest Sculpture

A new Arabian Horse sculpture done in plasticine clay.

I have decided to join the multitude of artists who enjoy using oil based clay to sculpt with. While polymer clay and resin epoxy clays remain my mediums of choice, this clay, called plasticine offers some advantages, namely it is reusable. 

The downside to that is that once a mold is made, the clay original usually doesn't survive the demolding process and has to be scraped out of it. especially delicate areas like the ear and the mane. 

It is easy to work with, this sculpt moved fairly quickly, which is really nice. It was easy on the hands, polymer clay can be a bit stiff and can make for sore hands.

This sculpture turned out nice considering my unfamiliarity with the medium. I am interested to see how the mold process goes. This piece is on the larger side, it is about 8.5" inches tall, and once mounted on the bases I have selected for it, should be over a foot tall.

This sculpture was done completely free hand, I didn't use any reference photos for this piece, it just came out and this is what was created.Each piece is different, and each piece is a learning experience. I know that I'll be using plasticine clay for more projects, due mainly to the speed of being able to work.

I've always enjoyed finishing a piece quickly, so that is very enticing!

These will be ideal for trophies or fine art collectors.

Stay tuned for updates on when this one will be available for purchase!

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