The Forest King Artist Resin Collectible Model Horse Medallion

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"The Forest King"

The leaves rustle and the wind stirs. The stallion who was boldly decorated by his druid masters takes a deep breath, the seasons will be changing soon. He wears his crown proudly, the skull of a young male deer. He is adorned with wild roses and twigs. He carries with him great power and magic. He is bold and unafraid.

This beautiful sculpt is highly detailed. It is large, measuring approximately 6 inches tall. It offers beautiful dimensional elements including a horn that is 3d. This beauty awaits the model horse artist and enthusiast to add their own magic to this piece.

This resin is available painted by the artist, or unpainted and unfinished for you to create your master piece! If you choose to have the artist paint the resin, choose "Custom painted Resin" from the drop down menu and email the artist your customization requests at 


  • Edition limited to 250 pieces
  • Each edition will be numbered and signed and include a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Editions will be assigned in the order that orders are received, meaning first come, first numbers. 
  • The antler will be shipped detached for easy and safer shipping.
  • Size: Approximately 6 inches. 
  • There may be some minor flashing from the casting process and minor holes to fill in each casting as prep work before painting. 
  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for creation and shipping
  • Priority Shipping / UPS shipping is included for residents of the United States