Abstract Horse Painting Poured Acrylic Art 16x20 Original painting

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16x20 inch Poured Acrylic Horse Painting by Aislinn Brander.
There is only one Original and once it is sold, it will be available as a 16x20 inch open edition canvas print. 
Artist's statement:
This is a very unique painting. I started with creating a painting of a horse using the poured acrylic technique, which means you're literally pouring very thin, wet paint onto a canvas and trying to control the chaos that ensues. Chaos it was- but with beautiful swirling textures. I just kept adding pours of the liquid paint and hoping to maintain the horse head that was taking shape. It has marvelous textures and is coated in a layer of clear resin so it always looks wet and shiny. The clear resin is uneven- adding more movement and texture to this unique piece.