Custom Sculpture for Trophy

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If you are planning a horse show and looking for the crowning touches for your high point winners, then perhaps commissioning a custom sculpture for your participants is the way to go.

This commission covers and includes:

  • The concept sculpture 6 - 8" tall
  • The mold
  • 2 castings painted in your choice of faux bronze, faux pewter or faux brass

There is an option for purchasing exclusive rights to the design for additional fees. However, if this option is not shown, the artist retains full reproduction rights to the sculpture and can offer it for sale publicly as an open edition. Future castings can be purchased as needed.

Please note that the photos are for reference only and these are not the sculptures you will get. A sculpture will be created for your event individually.

Free USA Shipping, International shipping, please inquire

Allow 4-8 weeks for completion and shipping