The King of Egypt Arabian Horse Sculpture

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A magnificent Arabian horse sculpture by Aislinn Brander. There is something magical about the Egyptian Arabian, there is a mystery in their eyes and a dryness to their heads that is unmistakable. "The King of Egypt" by Aislinn Brander is a Studio 10 - 27 exclusive work of art. The King of Egypt's mane is swept back from the hot desert wind, and his nostrils breath deeply, drinking the southern wind. He is adorned with a winged scarab breast collar, symbolizing his royalty and Egyptian heritage.

Each casting will be cast in high quality solid resin and hand painted by the artist. Shown in a faux bronze paint job.

Can be CUSTOMIZED to look like your horse.

Stands about 6" - 7" tall sculpture only

Sells, signed, numbered and with a certificate of Authenticity.

Allow 6-8 weeks for creation and completion of your sculpture.

Original Sculpture is available, please inquire at


Bulk inquiries welcome for trophy use.