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Arabian Horse Yearbook Single Photo Listing

Arabian Horse Yearbook Single Photo Listing

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Join us in celebrating the modern beauty of Arabian horses with the launch of the Arabian Horse Yearbook Project. Our mission is simple: to document today's Arabian horses from breeders and owners of all kinds, ensuring affordable access to preserve your horse's legacy for the future.

In an era where physical media holds timeless significance, our yearbook project offers a modern-day repository of Arabian excellence. Each entry, meticulously crafted with a 4-generation pedigree and captivating photos, including a striking conformation shot, immortalizes the grace and strength of every individual.

More than just a collection of pedigrees and photos, this yearbook serves as a valuable resource for enthusiasts and breeders alike. Reviewing the volume can inform breeding decisions and provide a platform to inquire about the availability of horses from farms whose horses you admire.

With affordable participation options, we invite you to be part of this exciting project. Witness the culmination of our efforts as we unveil Volume One, which will be available in hardback, softback, and eBook versions.

Look for the publication notice and where you can purchase your copy! The goal is to have the book published and ready for purchase in mid July.

  • Deadline for submission is June 15, 2024
  • Included is: 1 photo
  • 4 generation pedigree
  • Brief Write up
  • Farm contact information
  • limited to 250 entries


  1. Using the file uploader upload your photo,
  2. then upload a copy of the pedigree, this can be a copy of their papers or a screen shot from Allbreedpedigree or another pedigree source,
  3. then upload a text document that has the following: Name of the horse, color, foaling date, height, brief write up no more than 200 words, farm name, farm website, farm contact phone number(s), email, city, state, country
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