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Small Breeder Farm Package DIY

Small Breeder Farm Package DIY

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Get your herd listed in the Arabian yearbook for a flat fee!

This is a DIGITAL OPTION meaning you will be doing the data entry using a template, a pdf with instructions and links will be emailed. You will need to create a free account to utilize this function.

You get a discounted rate as you're adding multiple horses to the book! 

Included in the small breeder farm package is:

2 stallion pages up to 6 photos included ($100 value)

5 pages with half page entries- which allows up to 8 addition horses, perfect for adding your mares $200 value

Farm Photo Gallery

Your Farm gets a 1 page write up ( supplied by you ) to tell people about your farm, your vision, your accomplishments and a photo gallery page ( up to 10 photos ) of whatever photos you wish to add. ($100 value) 

A chapter title page with 2 photos and brief introduction

More than just a collection of pedigrees and photos, this yearbook serves as a valuable resource for enthusiasts and breeders alike. Reviewing the volume can inform breeding decisions and provide a platform to inquire about the availability of horses from farms whose horses you admire.

With affordable participation options, we invite you to be part of this exciting project. Witness the culmination of our efforts as we unveil Volume One, which will be available in hardback, softback, and eBook versions.

Look for the publication notice and where you can purchase your copy! The goal is to have the book published and ready for purchase in mid July.

  • Deadline for submission is June 30, 2024
  • 2 stallion pages with up to 6 photos
  • 5 pages with half page entries to cover up to 10 additional horses
  •  1 page Write up
  • Farm Photo Gallery
  • Farm Chapter Page
  • Farm contact information
  • limited to 60 entries

Instructions: A pdf will be emailed to you upon completion of payment, instructions will be on that file along with links to the template you can edit.


Email files to, title each email with "Yearbook Entry and the horse's name" ( Example: Yearbook Entry Stj SHAHDEEN ) and create a separate email FOR EACH horse. Upload the photos for THAT horse in THAT email. This will help me stay organized! Send your write up to the same email address and title the email "write up" and include the contact information you want to have published. Repeat this for the Farm Photo Gallery, in that email, include the photos you wish to submit.

Photos are subject to approval. 

A form for photo permissions will be emailed to you and must be signed BEFORE the book is published.


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