The Artist behind Studio 10 - 27

Hello there, 

I am Aislinn Brander. I am a horse crazy artist who lives in Northern Nevada, in an area where the wild west is still alive and well as I can take you within a few miles to see real live wild horses in our area! 

I have loved horses since my earliest memories, as a kid I was the weirdo on the playground who always wanted to be the horse if the kids were playing cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers- because why wouldn't a cop or a robber want a fast horse?

Anyways, I have been raising Arabian horses since I was 16 years old. My mother bought me my first horse, a really spirited Arabian mare, who probably wasn't the best choice for a first horse, but I was smitten with her and I was forever hooked on the breed. Arabians, being my passion in life tend to be the main subject of my art, though I was raised around Quarter horses, another breed I appreciate very much.

I've always drawn or painted as a hobby, and I never really took it terribly serious. in 2004, I lost my mother unexpectedly, and my grief was terrible to the point that I couldn't hold down a job. While I was at home browsing ebay, I saw that people sold their drawings and paintings, and thought- Why not me? So I listed a painting, and within hours there was a bid. I was hooked on selling my art after that.

Since then, I have sold my paintings and drawings to buyers all over the world, many of them purchasing multiple pieces. Around 2008 I discovered sculpture and truly fell in love with the medium. There was something so very rewarding about holding a creation in my hands! Since then my sculpture has evolved into creating sculptures that I make molds of and cast into pewter jewelry pieces.

I love what I do! I love the lifestyle that comes with loving horses. It is something that you can embrace. Everything on this website is either designed by me, made by me, or personally curated for you based on my belief that it will be embraced by the country girl lifestyle.

Thank you for stopping by and shopping with us.


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