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Arabian Horse Yearbook Premium Entry package

Arabian Horse Yearbook Premium Entry package

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This package features 3 included pages, a page that introduces the horse with the pedigree, a full page for a lengthier write up and a photo gallery with more photo options. 

The Arabian Horse yearbook is open to all Arabians, Mares, geldings and stallions. It's a great way to showcase them now and for the future to enjoy them as well. 

  • Deadline for submission is June 15, 2024
  • Included is: 6 photos ( one must be a conformation shot )
  • 4 generation pedigree
  • Brief Write up
  • Farm contact information
  • limited to 40 premium entries


  1. Using the file uploader upload your 8 photos,
  2. then upload a copy of the pedigree, this can be a copy of their papers or a screen shot from Allbreedpedigree or another pedigree source,
  3. then upload a text document that has the following: Name of the horse, color, foaling date, height, one page write up, farm name, farm website, farm contact phone number(s), email, city, state, country

Alternative instructions: 


Email files to, title each email with "Yearbook Entry and the horse's name" ( Example: Yearbook Entry Stj SHAHDEEN ) and create a separate email FOR EACH horse. Upload the photos for THAT horse in THAT email. This will help me stay organized! Send your write up to the same email address and title the email "write up" and include the contact information you want to have published. Repeat this for the Farm Photo Gallery, in that email, include the photos you wish to submit.

Photos are subject to approval. 

A form for photo permissions will be emailed to you and must be signed BEFORE the book is published.


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